Tera-4 breaths fresh air into the pleasure boat sector with its new T-10 AVENTURE hitting the market for one of its clients
Tera-4, the new french boatbuilder, inventor of the Quadrimaran and professional ship specialist in aluminum using the QU4DRI® technology.

Tera-4, the inventor of the « quadrimaran » concept, has developed through an ambitious research program, the QU4DRI® technology. This innovative technology is characterized by the creation of a natural cushion of air under the hull, reducing the area of surface friction. The presence of 4 parallel floats allows the quadrimaran to skate and lift as a result of the hydrodynamics generated during acceleration. The 3 tunnels in the form of a funnel, capture the air at the bow, thus facilitating the planing thanks to the aerodynamic lift. This lightening of the boat significantly increases its stability whilst also reducing its energy consumption.
More than 650 hours of tests in wind tunnels and trial basins were carried out in order to obtain such an achievement. The QU4DRI® technology is today compatible with both outboard and inboard motors.

*Comfort: Stability / air cushion effect / balanced acceleration / flat turning
*Performance : Reduced consumption of between 20% to 30% / shallow draft
*Security: Exceptional seakeeping / emergency stop in 5 seconds

Length :    10 m
Width :    4 m
Speed in knots :    from 20 kn (cruising) to 45 kn (max)
Draught :    0,38 m
Motor (outboard):    2 x 350 HP
Number of passengers :    12 + crew
Certification :    EU + NUC (commercial use pleasure boat)
Fuel capacity :    2 X 400 liters
Fresh water capacity :    1 X 70 Liters
Equipment :    Fridge / deck shower / GPS / VHF / windlass

Design & esthetics
Graphical, raw, refined, angular, superhero design, aggressive, surprising… these are the terms which have surfaced from first impressions and which characterize the stylish signature of Tera-4. One thing is for sure, the esthetic of the Tera vessels leaves nobody neutral. Unlike normal boat design where curves and length are pursued, the Tera vessels stand out, with geometrical lines, angled sides and a distinctive width. This novel design caters for the technical and functional needs and is accentuated by the wrap which follows the artistic lines. The classy design gives a swift aspect, like an animal who just wants to be tamed.

Sensation & navigational comfort
As soon as you get onboard, the stability of the boat is remarkable. It remains effectively motionless and allows for easy boarding. Furthermore, its flat deck gives a pleasurable feeling of space and freedom to move around. When navigating, the QU4DRI® technology brings an unparalleled comfort for the passengers, even in rough seas. The T-10 makes light of the waves. Those onboard can enjoy a feeling of riding on an air cushion, devoid of rolling and pitching, thereby reducing sea sickness by 99%
The QU4DRI® technology also allows complete piloting control for a smooth and instinctive ride. It holds its turns perfectly with little or no drifting. The T-10 AVENTURE therefore gives its passengers speedy sensations with complete safety.


The QU4DRI® technology ensures total safety at sea. With its 4mm thick aluminium structure, it brings high robustness and an ease of maintenance, combined with its 5 watertight compartments, the Tera 4 is unsinkable.
Crash stop: In the case of any problem whatsoever, the T-10 is capable of stopping in 5 seconds within a distance of only 70m.
The T-10 can handle bad sea conditions, as stated by the “Affaires maritime”: “C Category conception: For navigating in 4th category conditions with gale force 6 winds and waves reaching a significant height of up to 2 meters. AFFMAR – 2017”.

Truly a 4×4 of the seas, the T-10 AVENTURE can indeed adventure everywhere. With only 38 cm of draft when stationary, it can approach right up to the shorelines and even reach into the river mouths and shallow tributaries. This allows you to go where others cannot and therefore diversify the excursions.
The T-10 AVENTURE (like all the Tera-4) can moor on the shores and directly allow for comfortable boarding or disembarkation. It also allows several boarding access points: At the bow and on the 2 sides (situated at the height of the majority of pontoons and docks) and at the stern, with semi-immersed steps allowing easy access to the water.
The T-10 Aventure offers a large and generous deck surface area and can comfortably take 12 people sat on jockey seats as well as transporting various baggage items whilst still keeping the areas of movement free.

One of the important assets of the QU4DRI® technology is the considerable reduction of energy consumption. It effectively allows an economy of fuel of up to 30% compared to an identical motor.
(tableau comparatif de consommation) + faire un gif à partir de l’animation sur la consommation d’énergie.
The shallow draft helps preserve the maritime flora and fauna.
The aluminum is 100% recyclable and can be recycled almost endlessly (unlike composite)




For more details on the QU4DRI® technology: http://www.tera-4.com/?page_id=1417
See a video demonstration of the T-9 Prime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbvYRk0nzpE
Contact: http://www.tera-4.com/?page_id=1435
Learn more about Croisière Exclusive: www.croisiere-exclusive.fr

– ”It’s the future” – Luca Bassani – PDG WALLY
– ” It’s as if you’re navigating for the first time ” – Marco Meneghini – MONACO MARINE
– “The quadrimaran offers an incredible stability both stationary and when navigating. Quite simply astonishing!” – V.Borel – Hors-board magazine