T-14 Baroudeur

The 4x4 of the sea

Imagined and designed with adventure and discovery in mind, the T-14 Baroudeur is defined as the 4x4 of marine craft that can be taken anywhere.



QU4DRI®technology is incorporated into the design of Le Baroudeur which is a system developed by Tera-4, which permits it to draw only 50 cms of water! Thus the T-14 can go anywhere: on rivers, mangroves… without damaging the beds and without little risk of being blocked during an adventure trip. Its aluminium hull means that the boat is robust and is able to absorb a large number of shocks. But this is not where the innovation stops. Like all Tera craft, it can be « beached », meaning that it can be safely navigated onto shorelines or banks where passengers can be both loaded and unloaded and the same with quads, motorbikes or other wheeled vehicles using its removable ramp.

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There are 17 m² of solar panels with a capacity of 1700 watt/h, adding to the electrical output produced by the outboard motor’s alternators. Other electrical appliances on board the vessel could be powered by this additional current as well as the two additional electric motors. In order to be totally autonomous, Le Baroudeur is equipped with a 200-litre desalination tank. The Baroudeur can travel more than 270 nautical miles (more than 685 km) with its outboard motors.

Another advantage of the QU4DRI® : its maneuverability. Its turning radius at either high or slow speed can be very tight due to its 4 segments with edges like a pair of skis, Le Baroudeur does not create a sliding effect when cornering and retains absolute control. It behaves in exactly the same way at sea just like the T-9 Prime (see the demonstration video here) and the way it cuts through the water guarantees great handling.

Like all Tera-4 quadrimarans, the T-14 Baroudeur is not subjected to rolling or pitching. Even when on a long sea adventure, sea sickness is uncommon. The equipment and the layout for this 14-metre long boat have been studied in order to achieve maximum comfort. One can enjoy the 3 bedrooms with 6 sleeping places and fully equipped with personal hygiene facilities, a rear deck area with access to the sea, a living space shared with the “crew” and a large deck at the front with seating and large storage space.

QU4DRI® QU4DRI® technology provides excellent energy sobriety. The record low fuel consumption allows it to travel 300 nautical miles consuming 130 litres of fuel per hour and at a cruising speed of 30 knots or 300 nm for 260 l/h at around 45 knots. To discover QU4DRI® technology, please click here


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